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The forums here are now LOCKED.  You will still be able read ALL posts,  just not reply or start new threads.  Please start moving your discussions to our new forums located at

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Author Topic: Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting  (Read 9464 times)
« on: June 22, 2003, 06:58:47 AM »

To speak with another or others about; talk over;
To examine or consider (a subject) in speech or writing
A public meeting place for open discussion;
A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas _______________________________________________________
People who participate in a public discussion forum such as this are free to post their personal opinions, thoughts and experiences. In order to encourage them to do so, it's imperative that they are able to express themselves without fear of censorship or recrimination.

We obviously encourage everyone who visits this Forum to become a registered member; however, we warmly welcome any lurkers who choose to read and not join.

We do ask that everyone include the source of any information that they choose to share, whether it is from another web site, a publication, or an individual.

NOTE: Any quoted information that does not include a source will be deleted.

The goal of our Moderator is to ensure that all people who visit here feel comfortable, without being subjected to profanity or malicious remarks; moderators are also available to offer assistance to members and guests.

Assistant Webmaster
Posts: 17,529

« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2003, 05:38:57 PM »

Important Note:  Your level of appreciation for Clay is an individual choice. Worshipping is discouraged.  Some fans may be more casual, or more intense than yourself.  Please respect that.

Here are the rules. Learn them, live them!

Posting in this forum implies that you consent to abide by these guidelines.

1 - The Number One Rule is that Clay's personal information is private and maintaining his security is paramount. We don't interfere in either, nor in his career. There will be no discussion of Clay's personal information, his home address, phone number, license plate number, flight and hotel information, etc. Nor will there be discussion about his sexuality, which would infringe upon his right to privacy.  On this forum, Clay's privacy and security are respected.

2 - Administrative decisions are not to be discussed on the board.  Don't talk about the board ON the board.  PM a mod if you have an issue.

3 - Please post in the appropriate forums. Do not start a new thread if there is already a thread on the topic you are discussing. Duplicate threads will be locked or merged.

4 - Be respectful to Clay and to each other. Just as you are free to express your opinions, others are free to express their own. Feel free to respectfully disagree with other opinions, but under no circumstances ever attack another member personally. Discuss the opinion only, not the person who holds it.

5 - We don't allow the promotion or sale of unauthorized audio or video recordings. It’s illegal, plus we have no desire to meet Clay’s lawyers.

6 – If you have an issue with any member or any post on the forum, please do not address it publicly. Send an email or PM to the person, to a moderator or to myself. It is not acceptable to attack another member on the forum. Please note: being "annoyed" by another member is not necessarily grounds for action to be taken. People often annoy one another.  Unless rules are being broken, you will need to scrolll or just move on.

7 - Discussion of disjunctive topics such as religion, sex or politics is discouraged.

8 – Please do not abuse the privilege of being able to use emoticons or any of the graphic choices offered. If your post is difficult to read or distracting due to the use of these features, it will be edited. Also, please dO nOt PoSt LiKe ThIs!

9 – Do not post indiscriminately for the sole purpose of increasing your post count. It’s a useless waste of bandwidth and your posts will be edited and or deleted.

10 – Do not quote pictures in discussion threads – if you quote someone, please edit out the image before submitting your reply. If not, your post may be edited. Ask a moderator if you need assistance.

11 – Do not hotlink (post pictures directly from another website) – you are stealing bandwidth and that is not cool. Post a link to the picture using URL tags or post the picture only if it is hosted at your own account.

12 - No personal conversations in the forums.  If you want to speak to another member exclusively, please go to the chat room or take it to PMs or email.  Personal conversations are exclusionary to our other members. Along these same lines, no baiting.  Example: "Clay drives a Humvee." "How do you know this?" ""  Not cool. 

13- No solicitation, no ads, no sales. You can't sell anything for profit on this forum without the prior permission of admin.

Please note: If you post something we feel is inappropriate based on these guidelines or our sensibilities, we have the right to edit and/or delete it. Depending on our time constraints, you may or may not receive a PM telling you why. If you are continually counseled on your inappropriate posts, your membership will be suspended.

If you have any questions about our rules or guidelines, or need technical assistance with HTML, BB code, linking, avatars, signatures, posting pictures or any other issue, please contact one of our moderators.

These rules are designed to create a more pleasant forum experience for all our members. Thank you for your cooperation!
Assistant Webmaster
Posts: 17,529

« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2003, 08:15:22 PM »


Do not tell other members how to post.

Do not tell other members how to be a fan.  

Do not talk about the forum on the forum.  

If you have an issue with a post, a thread, another member, or the tone of any forum, please contact a moderator.

Do not post in all capital letters if you are angry.
(Note: We have some members with vision issues, and thus allow them to post in capitals. However, general Internet etiquette considers using capital letters to be YELLING. So, please don't do it if it's not necessary.)

Do not criticize the person if you disagree with their opinion.  

Respect is a requirement. If you can't express an opinion in a respectful manner, don't express it.

Ignoring our rules is considered being disrespectful to the Admin.

This is a website for FANS. It's a place for fun, civil discussion and the sharing of ideas.  Rules and guidelines are in place in order to insure a pleasant forum experience for all our members.

If you are not a FAN, please go somewhere else.
Assistant Webmaster
Posts: 17,529

« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2005, 07:28:41 PM »

Answering some recent questions concerning the guidelines posted above.

It's not acceptable to speak negatively about the board on the board. It serves no good purpose except to be a buzzkill for those who come here to have a good time.

Only the moderators or I decide what is inappropriate on this forum.  If you see a post you feel may be inappropriate, PM me or one of the mods and we'll decide.  It's not your decision to make.

If you receive a PM complaining about one of your posts from someone who is neither myself or one of the mods, you are under no obligation to answer it.  If you do chose to answer it, that is your business; however, feel free to refer them to me with their complaints.  

If you feel that you are being harrassed via PM, please let me know so I can deal with it.  

Take care with what you PM to someone, it may ultimately be read by me.
Assistant Webmaster
Posts: 17,529

« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2005, 09:34:52 PM »

For the purposes of this forum, the term bashing is defined as:

Comments which, whether intentionally or not, create a defensive posture in another member; a verbal confrontation intended to insult or denigrate another person or their opinion, or a comment which exhibits a judgment of another member in a disrespectful or derogatory manner.*

Remember, you cannot “bash” an opinion, only a person.  Discuss the opinion, not the person or personality who holds the opinion. 

All opinions, both negative and positive, are welcome here as long as they are expressed in a respectful tone. I believe we are all cognizant of how to treat people and express ourselves so as to create an atmosphere of civility.

If you feel you have been "bashed" please use the "Report This Post" function found in the bottom right hand corner of each message box.  The administration of this forum will be responsible for making the determination if bashing has occurred, not other members.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Admin reserves the right to adjust this definition as necessary.
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