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Author Topic: Summer '07 M&G's - What we've learned about Clay  (Read 2523 times)
« on: July 29, 2007, 06:01:40 AM »

Here is a list that was posted on CV.  Some interesting stuff...glad someone is keeping track of all the responses!

Someone at BB4CA put together a list of all the little tidbits we've "learned" from the Meet and Greets with Clay. Remember these are from from M&G's and are subject to the Aiken Fog so sprinkle with a dash of salt. However, its a cool list, and I had missed some of these things.

1. The reason that he doesn't sing "Touch" is that he simply doesn't like the song.

2. Clay really doesn't care for the song "Shine" either.

3. Raleigh loves to travel and even whined when Clay left her to go on the Evening with Clay Aiken 2007 Tour".

4. Clay doesn't like for fans to contact his Mother about things that upset them and asked that if there is something you don't like to contact him.

5. Clay will stay with RCA as long as they will have him.

6. Clay isn't a Harry Potter fan.

7. Clay let us know that the new CD might take longer than we have ever had to wait.

8. He was not that fond of "A Thousand Days".

9. Clay had a more positive inclination toward "Tears Run Dry".

10. We also learned that he likes creamy and crunchy peanut butter- as long as the peanuts are crunchy, not rubbery.

11. He likes ketchup, mustard, and mayo on his hot dogs.

12. He sleeps on the left side of the bed, right side if you are looking at it.

13. He gave his white Volvo to mom.

14. He kept his silver Volvo convertible in LA.

15. He also likes Audi cars.

16. Has loud frogs in his pond; and can imitate their sounds.

17. Jamie doesn't like frogs.

18. Durham is "dumb".

19. Durham and Raleigh from different breeders.

20. Raleigh is from the same bloodline as the dog on "Something about Mary".

21. "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" tapes sometime in August.

22. He and Jamie went to his college friend's wedding.

23. He previewed possible new upbeat song for new CD in Canandaigua. Wouldn't tell us the the name of it or give us the initials.

24. Jaymes is allowed to call him "Clayton".

25. He wants an educational-type talk show; would like maybe Diane Sawyer & Larry King as guests.

26. RCA is happy w/new producer choice for new CD.

27. Clay willing to fight for what he wants on the new CD.

28. Regarding changing labels ..."better the devil you know than the devil you don't"...all labels have their problems.

29. He likes most people he works w/@ RCA.

30. He did not read our "Songs We Dare You To Sing" thread so he did not get the ideas from us.

31. He said he wasn't really into or wasn't feeling "Back For More" so he won't be recording it.

32. "These Open Arms" is his current favorite to sing and he never gets tired of singing Invisible.

33. He likes when people stand up! When asked what to do if the person behind you tells you to sit down? He said to tell them to be quiet.

34. In an effort to make these meet and greets special he tells some things that he asked the winners not to share on the boards.

35. "This Is The Night" is a hard song to sing.

36. He has no contol over what singles are put out from the album....he can only give his opinion.

37. If he could have picked a single from ATDW he would have chose Lonely No More or These Open Arms.

38. Clay gives great hugs.

39. Clay looks you in the eyes when he talks to you.

40. Clay was told by the label to do a covers CD or wait three years. So he chose the covers CD rather than the long wait.

41. Clay was asked about a PBS special and said they contemplated one but want to wait until he has more original material.

42. TBAF will expand into adult programs as Mike Bubel ages & matures.

43. Doesn't plan to do country songs; pop can crossover into country, but not vice versa.

44. Imitated Arnold Schartzenegger;

45. Has done more than just meet Arnold Schartzenegger in Canada (apparently sang at a private governatorial event 1-2 years ago).

46. Re: secrets told for M&G's only: Clay said, "This is my serious face...if it gets out, I will know who tells and there will be no more meet and greets for anyone!" (snarky)

47. Appreciates his fans; doesn't take for granted.

48. Was asked if he'd like to work more with Steven Curtis Chapman and joked that SCC won't call him back or return his calls.

He said “we do talk to each other…in fact…he hasn’t called me back! I left him a message before I went to Afghanistan and he still hasn’t called me back!” he turned to Jamie and Mary and acted mad and said “He hasn’t called me back!!” I said “Maybe he needs your new iphone number!” Clay said “it’s the same!” I said, “well there goes that excuse!”

49. RE: SCC, We did work on a song awhile back. Brett said something to my mom and I was talking to Steven about it and he wrote a song. It was called “What I’m fighting for” It was a great song and I wanted to put it on the album, but then it didn’t really fit on the album since we changed direction with it. I think Steven is going to use it, now. (October)

50. Asked if he would do a Christian CD and he said he would like to do it someday but label would not support it.

51. He was asked if he and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends and he said yes that they each have a poster of the other over their beds... (snark ????)

52. Clay said he does not like "Back for More"! He thinks it is "cheesy" and oly sang it because the audience wanted it.

53. When asked if BAF galas would be in Raleigh, he said No, they will look at other cities. Talked to him about the 100 camps goal. Yes, but look how much money we raised at Raleigh Gala when all I had to do is @#%$ myself out.

54. When asked if fans could help with label, he said good question....No, just buy it even if it is crap.

55. He said that things are going very well right now, they are on the same page with the CD.

56. He told us in the M&G (Sterling Heights) that he does NOTHING to warm up before a show. Doesn't gargle with olive oil, doesn't do "mi mi mi mi" - just prays.

57. Clay was asked if he and Kimmel were as close as Kimmel says. Clay said, “we do talk to each other on the phone. He is really funny. Have you ever seen his show? He’s just really funny!”

58. There was a question about if Clay had something to do with Kimmel getting something in north Carolina…Clay said “I actually had NOTHING to do with that, but it’s nice for him to give me credit anyway!”

59. Clay was told that Kimmel says Clay is his “go to” guy! And Clay made a funny face (like he was thinking about that statement) and said “do I really want to be Kimmel’s go to guy?” and laughed.

60. He said that the label was being very supportive and working well with him on what all to put on the next album. Said they seemed to be on the same page.

61. Columbus to be last night we will hear "A Thousand Days". He's falling asleep during it, it is so boring

62. "A Thousand Days" is hard on his voice and drags on and on. (don't know if Clay said that or not.)

63. He read the Columbus review with regards to "Lover All Alone". He's mostly thinking about dinner and food. Someone asked him he was a "Lover All Alone", he gave a very political answer. He just tried to write things that worked.

64. Clay said that he had no idea when the new albun would be out but he could assure us it will be all new material, no covers.

65. He does eat all the recipes that are in his book. Someone said they did not like the spaggetti recipe and he said " I am telling my mama cause it is her recipe"

66. Clay was telling us about putting in something different in place of "A Thousand Days" and he said "knock on wood" and he knocked on my head.

67. Questions were asked about the new CD and he said it would be a very long time. Given Clay's definition of "soon", I hate to even think about "a very long time",

68. Someone asked what were his favorite venues to play, he took alot of time to think, I noticed that that his cheek was twitching when he was thinking. He finally stated that he likes auditoriums best because then people were close to the stage and he likes to have his audience close.

69. He talked about the upcoming Christmas tour and how he thought it was scheduled mostly in the midwest. No Canada stops - he didn't even think there was a raleigh stop this Christmas.

70. He mentioned they had sent a male producer some music and if he comes back with the right kinda sound that Clay's looking for, then it will be a done deal and will be announced sometime when the tour was over.

71. He talked alot about missing his dogs and how the two of them were plenty. He stated he missed Raleigh - he wouldn't name who was allergic on the bus but stated it wasn't Jesse and not to believe the boards.

72. Someone asked him if he was happy and he said of course he was happy, why wouldn't he be?
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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2007, 11:50:20 AM »

Wow....someone has been taking very good notes! 

Thanks Angela!

PS - I LOVE "SHINE."   bigsmile
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Always have faith, and there will be a way.

« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2007, 08:37:32 PM »

I just saw this! Thanks Angela!  Huggles The thought of having to wait so long for a new CD is hard to imagine though,  Paranoid
PS - I LOVE "SHINE."  bigsmile
Oh, me too, Pamela!  Huggles And "Back for More."  bigsmile

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(Clay's biggest fan and David Cook "Word Nerd" #2894!) :heartburst
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