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Author Topic: Cellcert 7/18/07 :: If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Syracuse  (Read 16555 times)
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Clay Aiken...Character and Integrity Personified!

« Reply #120 on: July 19, 2007, 09:28:29 AM »

Oh my!  I'm feeling that last picture!   Thud!


Supporting Clay, unconditionally, no matter what!

"People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied to" - Jerry Seinfield
« Reply #121 on: July 20, 2007, 07:33:17 AM »

Great Syracuse recap by lmatheson....copied from Critical Mass.

Bear with me ladies. this is my recap of what happened at the concert in Syracuse july 18.but I type very slow so please be patient. My husband and I drove to Syracuse from Montreal.( this is hubby's first to see Clay!). It took us 4 hours to dreive there but it was pleasant because it was a gorgeous day. 2 and a half hour later,we got to the US border. The custom officer said "are you Canadian citizen"? My hubby said "yes"." Where are you going?". To Syracuse, he said. "For how long"she said. "Just over night" he said. "What are you going to do there?" she said, " to see Clay Aiken concert" he said. She said "a what?" "a Clay Aiken concert" a little louder. She laughed and then she said " I thought that's what you said. Do you have anything to declare? " (Yeah my love for Clay Aiken ! I thought). My hubby said "no". "Off you go enjoy your day" she said. Now we're on the same land where Clay is!!!!!!. We met my husband's cousin who lives in Syracuse and she was the one who arranged for our hotel to stay in. We met for dinner at 5 pm. at a restaurant ( can't remember the name ). I was carrying my book Learning to Sing  just in case I tripped over Clay he might sign it and she said you will carry that? she is not a fan of Clay. She said she likes Carry Underwood and i thought yeah carry all the Wood you like I'll stick to Clay. Not long after we're seated, in walked 6 ladies . They looked like Clay fans so I got up and went to their table and asked if they were going to see Clay and they all said yes. they were also in Philadelphia the night before and that they're going to canandaigua after for the next show and on to the next. they're from the Clay board. I said I'm from Claymaniacs. We chatted a bit and no they did not get the M&G either. so, fast forward to the show. Big turn out. Good location from where my hubby and I where sitting. Lots of young ladies, contrary to Clay hater's belief that Clay's fans are old and gray(lots of them are dyed including mine) My book was attracting lots of attention, And I said to one who inquired I was just hoping to get it signed by Clay. One person said he only give authograph at meet and greet. That should be enough for me to give up but I did not. the whole show was very entertaining as you know from the cellcert but I must say I admire you ladies heading the cellcert from the venue because for me I was in the world of my own watching Clay. I did not even get up to go to the restroom during the intermission in case I miss some thing related to Clay. When he sang the last song Because You Love Me, Mothers and daugthers in front of me embraced and swayed to the song it was so heartwarming. At the end, we're outside and I asked my husband if we could stay to see Clay come out and he said we'll do whatever you want . By the way he enjoyed the concert to his surprise. So Jerome was outside organizing every one to the bus and I called to him and asked him if he could take my book to Clay to sign and he looked at me sympathytically and said I can't do that sorry.( that did not make me give up). So after along while he got us all lined up single file but I stayed close to the bus which was across the street, my husband behind me. The crowd was around the building all very respectful of the space allowed for Clay. We must have waited for nearly an hour or longer then I heared commotion and all of a sudden there's Clay like a wind passing arms outstreached thanking everyone for coming and when he got to me I yelled Clay please sign my book but he did not even hear me and he was whisked to the bus and gone.!!!!!So my husband said "give me your book and your pen and off he crossed the street to the bus and spoke to Jerome. I saw Jerome laughed a little and said something and he's gone again inside the theatre. So my husband motioned for me to come so I ran across and some of the fans followed me. I said to him "what?" and he said Jerome said wait here. We must have waited for an eternity and then I saw Jerome picked up a duffle bag and went inside the theatre again for another longggggg minutes. Then the driver got on the bus and looked like they're ready to take off, the security removed the barricade in front of the bus and I thought they won't leave Jerome is still not back. and then Jerome appeared all changed to a white tee shirt, shorts and carrying his suit on one hand that he was wearing a while ago. He got to the front of the bus door and I heared my husband said MR. Jerome ! He looked at my husband and my husband said you told me to wait here.He said oh yeah and took the book from my husband and went inside the bus!!!! so I jumped in glee this point everyone around me were getting excited and waiting to see the outcome of this little drama. After some very long  long long minutes Jerome came out handed the book to my husband which I quickly grabbed away from him . Jerome turned around and went inside the bus so fast I don't know if he heared me said Thank you. So I quickly opened my book to look ....NO SIGNATURE!....second page.... NONE... checked the back of the book....NONE.... He did not sign it!!!! at this point  I could feel the feeling of let down of the people around me.... and then I opened the third page.... and there it was!!!! the page where Clay's  picture was , accross the page on top of LEARNING TO SING is inscribed USE YOUR VOICE -CLAY AIKEN! All of a sudden, a calmness blanketted over me, every one around me were cheering feeling as happy as I was ,looking at the signature, someone said my husband is so nice to do this for me ,we hugged. I have seen Clay 5x now and the previous4 ,at the end of the concert I got very sad not knowing if I will see him again and when. This time him signing my book made me feel  that Clay is real, he touched my pen, to sign my book!!!!!. On the way back to our hotel, I asked my husband what did he say to Jerome And he said " mr. Jerome we came all the way from Montreal, my wife is a huge Clay fan, and if I don't get Clay's signature in this book, she said for me not to come home! and that's when I saw Jerome laughed and said "wait here".  Now I must go, put splints on my fingers and hope I can golf tomorrow. Lmatheson.
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« Reply #122 on: July 22, 2007, 07:31:09 AM »

Decent set with SSO thrills 'Claymates'
Chuck Klaus
Contributing writer

The appearance of "American Idol" 2003 second-place winner Clay Aiken before 1,600 screaming "Claymates" - well, about 600 or so were screaming - has given your obedient servant new insight into the reviews of earlier days.

I can now imagine myself trying to review the hysteria of the bobby socks and saddle shoes set when young Frank Sinatra first came on the scene, or writing a critique of the hordes when Elvis first appeared, or the shrieks that arose when The Beatles were just getting started.

And much like those fabled critics of yore, I simply don't get it. All of this large-scale Clayemotion confounds me, I fear.

Not to unduly knock Mr. Aiken. His has an interesting voice, fairly well-used within his chosen field of pop ballad singing. There's an interesting combination of elements making up his style: a touch of blue-eyed soul, a bit of modern country, some strains of soft rock and, perhaps the most dominant influence of all, contemporary Broadway. His voice is on-pitch, he treats most of his material in a fairly spacious manner, and his work is pleasant and fairly polished, in an extremely informal way.

This ease on stage, as well as a constant barrage of self-deprecating humor, may be one of the secrets of his success. Aiken, forever putting himself down, can hardly be seen as a threat to his female audience, and they evidently love him for that. He is the beloved singing teddy bear placed near a young girl's flouncy canopied bed.

Aiken, appearing with fellow American Idolers Quiana Parler and Angela Fisher, sang a wide range of music, from covers of Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" to his early hit "Measure of a Man" and material from his most recent release, "A Thousand Different Ways." He generously gave his "backup singers" - really more like co-singers - solo spots and lots of room for comic byplay, and gave a really nice pep talk on behalf of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, encouraging the enthusiastic audience to become season subscribers of the SSO.

Aiken also was generous in his praise of conductor-pianist - and evidently gifted arranger - Jesse Vargas, who coordinated well and with a minimum of fuss while providing solid piano support.

Aiken had the chance to perform a ballad for which he served as lyricist, which offered the SSO's cellist, Lindsay Groves, the chance to contribute a sonorous solo. Here was one instance where the Clayemotion of the audience paused long enough to allow Aiken to truly be heard, which turned out to be a source of further Clayelation.

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